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Iητσ τhe Midηighτ Sυη Grαphics

This is α reference to Journey, not Twilight. Thαnks.

7 May
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My graphics can also be found at escapist_icons.
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80s rock/new wave, a-ha, ac/dc, across the universe, analyzing dreams, ann and nancy wilson, arena rock, bad company, bad english, ben barnes, benny and joon, billy idol, blue jeans, bon jovi, boston, bowling, bright yellow, bryan adams, cats, cheap trick, chocolat, classic rock, classic rock concerts, coffee, coldplay, conan o'brien, creedence clearwater revival, criminal minds, crowded house, daydreaming, dean winchester, def leppard, depeche mode, don't stop believin', driving aimlessly, duran duran, edward scissorhands, escape, evanescence, faithfully, foreigner, freedom from responsibility, frontiers, frontiers and beyond, globe trekker, golden earring, graphic design, guitar, guns n roses, hawkeye pierce, heart, henry ian cusick, house m.d., icons, infinity, jackson browne, janis joplin, jeff buckley, jensen ackles, jet, jewel, jewelry-making, jimi jamison, johnny depp, jonathan cain, josh holloway, journey, journey dvds, kansas, keith urban, keyboard, led zeppelin, legend of the seeker, lord rahl, lost, lou gramm, m*a*s*h, marine biology and astronomy, matthew good, matthew gray gubler, medium, miranda lambert, moonlight, morten harket's voice, motley crue, narnia, neal schon's guitar skills, neon nail polish, neon pink, nova, oh sherrie, periwinkle purple, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pokey, power ballads, prince caspian, psychology, queen, r.e.m., raised on radio, red hot chili peppers, redcar, richard marx, road trips, robert plant, robin zander, running, rush, sarah mclachlan, sawyer, seinfeld, singing, songwriting, spencer reid, steve miller band, steve perry, steve perry icons, street talk [album], styx, summer nights, sunrise, sunsets, supernatural, survivor [the band], survivor music videos, switchfoot, taylor swift, tears for fears, that 70s show, the beatles, the center of everything, the cure, the goo goo dolls, the last unicorn, the never-ending story, the nightmare before christmas, the office, the princess bride, the simpsons, the smiths, the who, u2, urban outfitters, van halen, vintage concert tees, votenumber1.com, writing, yellow leopard print, yes